Thursday, October 4, 2012

Survivor: Philippines (episode 3)

Last week, Matsing suffered another loss and went to tribal, losing the increasingly difficult Roxy. Meanwhile, Lisa struggled with feelings of isolation and Jonathan found the hidden immunity idol for Kalabaw.

This week's episode is entitled "This Isn't a We Game" which brings to mind someone looking further than just getting through with alliances until the merge. Someone is thinking end game already.

Let's get to the recap.

Coming back from tribal, Russel is worried that he is the odd man out at Matsing. Then, to make matters worse, the next day their raft washes out to sea. Not a good sign.

At Tandang, Abi does not trust RC and starts to feel paranoid. She goes to Peter and tells him about the idol clue. Peter goes to Lisa and offers to protect her in a future vote if she is willing to help them take out Mike Skupin first. Lisa is willing to deal with the hand she's played.

At Kalabaw, Dana realizes that the symbol atop the rice container is gone. Jeff realizes that it was likely the hidden immunity idol and surmises that Jonathan has it.

The Immunity Challenge is one involving diving down for one of eight puzzle wheels. The pieces need to be retrieved to solve the word TREASURE. First place also gets a big fishing gear kit and a canoe, second place gets a smaller fishing gear kit.

Out on the first round, Angie struggles for Matsing. RC meanwhile shows her strength by going down for three pieces in a row. Russell struggles with the ladder on his first run and then comes back empty on his second try. Skupin, of course, injuries himself when the diving mask shatters on his dive (the man is so accident prone!).

Kalabaw is the first with all eight pieces, followed by Tandang. Malcolm and Denise manage to keep Matsing in the game. But, Kalabaw solves the puzzle first, then Tandang second. Matsing is going to tribal once more.

Afterwards, at Kalabaw, Jonathan decides to reveal to Jeff that he has the idol. Jeff is willing to make a deal to see how far it will take him.

At Tandang, Artis is ticked at Skupin for breaking the mask and causing them to get behind. He is ready to vote him out. Abi and Peter search for the idol while the others hunt for clams. Abi figures out the symbol on the rice lid is it. Peter helps her hide it, realizing he now has even more control of the group.

At Matsing, the losers return. Angie really thinks that Russell is the weak link. Malcolm and Denise realize they have a hard choice to make. Angie drops in on them to plead her case and they seem to take her words in. Russell meanwhile makes his peace with God and the game, but vows to go to tribal fighting.

At tribal, Russell says that Angie just isn't ready for this. She lacks the experience and the willingness to do whatever it takes. She feels belittled by his words and cries. She also feels she can't stand up in comparison to him because she is weaker and younger. In the end, Jeff poses it down to a choice between strength and loyalty. What does this soon to be tribe of three need to move on?

Time to vote.

Russell of course votes for Angie. Angie of course votes for Russell. The decision is in the hands of the secret alliance of Denise and Malcolm. In the end, these two decide that strength is what wins out on day 8 when you are already down in the numbers. I tend to agree.

Will they be able to come back next week and keep strong? It will be interesting to see.

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