Friday, April 1, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (3/30/11)

Final week of the month, or as I like to call it "J.T. Krul Week" (since his two DC books come out at this time). Let's get to them.

Green Arrow #10 - Ollie and his allies attempt to turn the tide against the Etrigan-possessed forest. But they need a little help. This issue we also get some revelations into who is Galahad. Is he the champion they need? Can they turn the tied? This opening arc which ties in directly to Brightest Day continues.

Justice Society of America #49 - the "Supertown" arc concludes with the return of Green Lantern, plus many others. It was a good conclusion to the story, but things at Monument Point are far from over. That final page was an interesting turn of events, but one that didn't catch me off-guard. I had a feeling it was leading to this point. Big celebration issue next issue - including some George Perez art. Yeah.

Teen Titans #93 - Red Robin is back on the team, and they answer a call to help Solstice, the young heroine Wonder Girl met in one-shot back in January. I liked this issue a lot. J.T. has the voices of this group down pretty good, and the artwork by Scott & Hazlewood was really amazing. The issue was a good mix of characterization, mystery and action. And Solstice should add a nice dynamic to the group.

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