Friday, April 15, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (4/13/11) part 2

Continuing this week's book review:

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #6 - the Caped Crusader teaches the Martian Manhunter a little bit about detective work. This was a simple but fun story by Sholly Fisch. The art by Rick Burchett and Dan Davis was clear and concise. I enjoyed the lesson it had for young readers: that it is good for friends to assist each other with things they wish to learn to do better. My only negative point - the cover spoils the big story reveal of the villain.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #27 - with cancellation on the horizon and coming fast, Tony Bedard had to really speed up this arc some. Thus, this issue is a lot of fighting between the heroes and Starro's forces. I enjoyed the exchanges between Lobo and Smite. The art by Claude St. Aubin and Scott Hanna was very tight. They packed a lot of panels into the pages, and did it well. I'm going to miss this title when it goes.

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