Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (4/13/11) - part 1

A big pile of books this week (eight) so I thought I'd review them in pairs. Let's get to the first two:

Booster Gold #43 - the final issue by Giffen and DeMatteis. I must admit I really liked this one, mostly because of the big part played by the Legion of Super-Heroes. It was great to see the old gang in action, even if they were played up as a little more sillier than I like. And, on the last page, the story gets a little meta (with Booster remarking on the replacement writer that came on to his "book"). I guess that was a statement to all the fans (some like me) who didn't like this run as much as what Dan Jurgens had done before.

Justice League: Generation Lost #23 (of 24) - Max goes all out to find Wonder Woman, and his ultimate weapon is revealed. OMAC Prime shares a lot of skills with another JLA-machine-foe, but that's to be expected. Professor Ivo is Max's right hand tech guy after all. The League is going to have a serious battle on their hands in the final issue of this max-series.

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