Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To My Readers...

Dear Readers,

First, thank you so very much for visiting my blog and reading. I do appreciate each and every one of you.

Second, I've added some controls to the bottom of each post to make it easier for folks to share what I've written with their friends. The controls are multi-platform, so you can pick you favorites based on where you might do your social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, email, etc.). If you think you know of people who might like what I've written up, please take a second and pass a link or reference on to them. I would greatly appreciate that too.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for the blog please let me know. You can do so via comments, via Twitter (see link on right column) or via Email (accessed from my full Profile). Just contact me. It could be an album you'd like me to review or something I can do better. I am open for any and all comments.




ApacheDug said...

Martin, everytime I visit your page it looks better & better. And boy do you know your music!

Martin Maenza said...

Doug, thanks so much. I always appreciate your feedback.

And I do have a pretty wide music interest. It doesn't hurt that I have a few Billboard books handy and am a wizard at finding other nice tidbits on the Internet to supplement my personal insights.