Friday, July 8, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (7/6/11)

Counting down to the end of August and the end of my picking up of new monthly comics... (sniff sniff), let's get to the reviews:

Adventure Comics #528 - Levitz and his varied art teams really deliver on this issue. As some old faces finally graduate the Academy, the Legion HQ is invaded. It is up to the only LSH members around - the instructors from the Academy - to find out what is up. Naturally, the current class follows behind, too curious for their own good. Will they survive the big battle in the final issue next month? I hope so. I'd really like this classic title to go out on a high note. More reminiscing next month.

Secret Six #35 - speaking of going out on a high note, Gail Simone and J. Calafiore are pulling out all the stops for this final arc of the team. After the revelations in Hell, Bane decides to take the team on a critical mission - to battle the Bat-heroes in Gotham! It is a shame we're only getting two issues for this story as I am sure it will be a good one. I know Gail and J. will not disappoint. Final thoughts on this series next month.

Flashpoint #3 (of 5) - another book that I really wish had more issues for it would be this one. Five is not enough to hold all the goodness. The opening pages really show why Barry Allen is the hero he is! That was amazing conviction and determination on his part. The scenes with Lois and the Resistance give a good glimpse at some elements of the post-Flashpoint DCU, which is fine. But I'm really digging the Flashpoint world and all its surprises. Speaking of: the revelation in the vaults of Project Superman was outstanding! Can't wait to see where this goes next issue.

Flashpoint: Abin Sur #2 (of 3) - this issue picks up from Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1 and spins the story in an unexpected way. Loved it! What was even more shocking was the appearance of Sinestro and the revelation of why he decided to come to Earth. Could this be a key to the end of the event? I think it will be a factor with how things end up come September.

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2 (of 3) - I was a little disappointed when I opened the book to find George Perez only did the cover this time out. I had hoped he would the pencils for the entire mini. Still, I loved what Milligan, Blanco and Koblish did with this one. Lots of characters, lots of intrigue, loved this version of Abra Kadabra (now that he didn't have a Flash to vex). I am sure some of the characters and elements of this book will also survive come September. Three issues aren't enough for this one either.

World of Flashpoint #2 (of 3) - Traci 13 is really trying to save the planet, but a teen can't do it on her own. I loved her little tour of the globe, looking for allies. Even though we only got glimpses, it was interesting to see how the characters we know and love were totally reinterpretted. Some great surprises here. I'm not sure how all this will end. Given the other books and the shortness of the main Flashpoint mini, I am thinking all the elements will come together in the final issue for some major re-triggering effect, out of which will spin the new relaunched DCU for September. More thoughts on all of this next month.

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