Saturday, July 16, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (7/13/11)

We continue our countdown until August 31st, my final comic book buying day. Let's get to this week's books:

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #9 - this was an enjoyable, done-in-one adventure from the DC Kids line featuring Batman teaming up with Hawkman. The story mostly takes place in space, but shows good elements of both heroes (Batman being a friend, Hawkman being a devoted husband). The last page of the issue clearly was my favorite, a full page shot of what Hawkgirl was up to while her hubby was away.

Birds of Prey #14 - this was the first part of a two-part tale by a fill-in team. Gail Simone already finished her work on the run last time. This definitely feels like an inventory story to me - one that was there for release and had to be used before September's relaunch of the title with a new direction. While I enjoyed some of the art, the story really didn't excite me (between the WWII flashbacks and the return of some Nazi villains today). Yawn. I'll probably only pick up the final issue next month just for completeness sake. The series, one I once looked forward to greatly, is going out with a whimper.

Green Lantern #67 - the final chapter of the "War of the Green Lanterns" saga - another of a letdown. While I did like the nice touch of Kyle's role, the final battle with Krona seemed so arbitrary to me. Of course, the issue has a "shocker" but not really so much so. I am sure it won't be long into the new run starting in September before some things return to the status quo. As the final issue of this run, it too started out really well when Geoff Johns relaunched the book with Hal back in the Corps. Of late though things have gotten a little off - right after Blackest Night in particular. It just felt like it was spinning its wheels in a rut. Ah well.

Teen Titans #97 - the first of the bi-weekly issues so this book can hit #100 before August ends and the book is reconfigured again. I felt this story with Rankor has dragged on a bit too long, so I was glad to see it finally end. There are hints of subplots for the future in this one, but with only three issues left to go before the relaunch I am not really so excited about them. I can't get excited for a new member who won't be on the team in two months time. Ditto for a relationship between Superboy and Ravager when she'll be off the team too. Raven's mystery - I can't see that tying up in the next three issues either. At least with Superboy-Prime coming back next issue there might be some excitement before the final curtain call.

Booster Gold #46 - this book is dragging with the Flashpoint connection. So far we've seen Booster wasting too much time with Doomsday. Dan Jurgens only did half the art here and his story also seems severely shackled. I had hoped the Booster would play a key role in helping Flash solve the problem with changed history. But with only one issue left, if he does it will all be very rushed. Again, another book that I loved when it first came out, then got lost a bit with the change in creative teams, and is now going to go out with a big yawn.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #2 (of 3) - I loved the first issue, but this issue not so much. The issue is mostly a battle between Cold and the Rogues, but it just didn't do it for me. Perhaps it was Scott Kolins murky art or his disjointed story-telling. I know he only has three issues to get this done but any interest I was developing in the character and the setting has gone out the window.

Flashpoint: Deathstroke #2 (of 3)- did the art team change between issue 1 and this one? It certainly seems that way. Emperor Aquaman appears in this issue as Deathstroke's ship is attacked. Like with the above book, any interest I had from the first issue seems to have gone with this one - I was really bored. I'm probably going to skip the third one here.

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2 (of 3) - the art on this issue was very nice all the way around. The flashback of this Aquaman's origin was very detailed, almost too much so for a continuity that goes blip next month. But, perhaps, some of these elements might show up in the new Aquaman book come September. It is so hard to say. This book definitely has not been an Aquaman we've all known and loved for decades. This is more of an Aquman heavily influenced by Marvel's Prince Namor.

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