Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Eddie Van Halen

Welcome to another edition of Seventies Saturday.

Today (January 26th) we celebrate the fifty-eighth birthday of Dutch-born songwriter, producer and keyboardist Eddie Van Halen. He is also considered one of the world's greatest rock guitarists, ranked at number 8 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the Top 100 Guitarists and ranked number 1 in Guitar World magazine's poll of the greatest guitarists of all-time.

Eddie and his younger brother Alex played in a number of early bands together (the Broken Off Combs, the Space Brothers, and Mammoth Chammoth) before they settled on the name Van Halen in 1977.

On April 11th of 1981, Eddie married my long-time teenaged crush Valerie Bertinelli. About a decade later, they had a son Wolfgang who today tours with his father in the band.

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