Thursday, March 17, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (3/16/11)

Adventure Comics #524 - only the second issue of the Levitz/Jimenez feature on the Legion Academy and I am 1000% sold. This is an awesome companion to the main LSH title. I love the new characters and how their stumbling upon something really big going on. This reminds me of the Levitz run on the Baxter title of the Legion back in the 80's - great cast, many subplots, lots of action. And the artwork is sheer prefection - Phil was a perfect choice for this series as his style is perfect for the 31st Century team.

Brightest Day #22 (of 24) - Firestorm vs. the Anti-Monitor? Oh yeah! Nice issue. I would so buy a Firestorm monthly title with Johns and company behind it. Now that this issue finally gives the hero a new direction, I so want to see him in a title soon - either his own or in JLA or something. I've been a Firestorm fan since Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom created him back in the 70's, and it finally feels like this character is back to old form now. Well done issue.

DCU Legacies #10 (of 10) - this mini ends by covering events from Identity Crisis and the beginnings of Infinite Crisis. We also see what is going on with lead narrator Paul as his story comes to an end. I must say I've been underwhelmed as a whole on this mini. Sure, the art was awesome at times but the story was kind of clunky. And now we find out why some of the continuity "gaffs" in these issues were there - maybe Paul isn't quite remembering the old facts as well as he should? I'm really glad this one is over.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #26 - with only a few more issues left before cancellation, the story kicks into overdrive - and I loved it! Lobo was in fine form, the cracks are showing in Starro's forces, and Rann is in serious trouble! I am not sure how this will get wrapped up in two more issues, but I expect it to come at a fast and furious pace. I'm going to miss this book when it is off the schedule.

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