Friday, February 11, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (2/9/11) part 1

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #4 - every issue since the relauch with a new number 1 has had a big name guest-star. This time out - Wonder Woman. This issue was a lot of fun with plenty of guest-stars and guest-villains. Clearly the creative team had a ball putting this one together. It was like a love-letter to the classic Silver-Age for both Batman and Wonder Woman, featuring the famous (and less famous) rogues from both their titles. I had to go to my Wonder Woman Encyclopeida to look up some of these folks - they're that obscure. A great issue and fun for both kids and the kid-at-heart (like me). It would have made a solid episode for the cartoon (which I hope returns soon - the show was a lot of fun too).

DCU Legacies #9 (of 10) - while the art was solid, I felt writer Len Wein was really stretching a bit to make this one work. It covers parts of the Final Night and Judgment Day minis from the late 90's, giving each story a huge Reader's Digest treatment. It does neither story much justice. The stuff with the pedestrian narrator and his family and friends didn't add much more to it. The back-up on the Marvel Family origins with art by Bill Sienkiewicz didn't work for me either. I'm kind of glad this one is wrapping up next month. It is probably helpful for a newcomer to the DCU, but this fan of over thirty five years was a little bored.

Justice League: Generation Lost #19 (of 24) - a nice focus issue on the Blue Beetle (Jaime) as he tries to escape from Max Lord's clutches. I liked everything about this issue - the art, the pacing, and even the homage to Countdown to Infinite Crisis of sorts. Should that final page "shocker" worry me? No, not really. I think a certain character is too good to meet a final fate at this time. Looking for a solid finish to this mini over the next couple months. The creative team needs to kick in the high octane from here on out.

REBELS #25 - round two of the battle between the space-heroes and Starro's forces continues in this one. Most of the cast gets touched upon, which is hard to do with a book like this with many players. Lobo of course gets in some of the best stuff, including the issue ending fight between he and Storm Daughter. I hear this book's sales keep dropping, so I have to wonder how many more months we'll have before the plug gets pulled. Time will tell. Enjoy it while you can, readers.

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