Saturday, February 26, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (2/23/11)

Green Arrow #9 - the mystery of the forest continues with an all-out battle with the Demon. Why the Phantom Stranger dropped for four panels and left I don't know. The rest of the issue was okay, even though it was all just a battle. Reminds me of when we used to play Champions (a majority of the game session was taken up by combat that in real life would have lasted about a minute or two tops).

Justice League: Generation Lost #20 (of 24) - Winick gives us another bit of past tweaking by shuffling up and filling in some holes on Max Lord's history. Not much else happened after the end of last issue - when Blue Beetle II was shot by Lord, just like his predecessor. Did history repeat itself? We'll have to see. I am looking forward to this mini ending as it has been a little uneven.

Justice Society of America #48 - my dislike of this storyline and Guggenheim's writing grows. I think issue 50 might be my jumping off point. I love the team but I hate what he is doing to them. This title deserves to be great. It is far from it.

Legion of Super-Heroes #10 - while the elected team leader is away, the deputy leader is in charge. And boy does Brainiac 5 get things done. Clearly he knows how to efficiently dispatch the team and get things under control. Will they stay that way? Nice to see Yera again. I had almost forgotten about her. This book is really a gem and I am glad it is back in great style.

Teen Titans #92 - since I didn't pick up the crossover issue with Red Robin I was a little out of sorts. Krul caught me up well enough. Good to see Tim Drake back with the gang but I'm not sure how I feel about the ending. Having Damian on the team was a wildcard, one I didn't know well. With him out and Tim in (? not clear on that.) is this book more of the same old/same old? I hope it doesn't get that way. At least Krul is tying up some loose ends from former runs (dealing with the death of Marvin and the missing Kid Eternity). Points for that.

Showcase Presents: Justice League of America volume 5 - classic b/w reprints of the team from 1970 to 1973. This was the era I discovered the JLA. The first issue reprinted (#84) was the first one I ever remember owning as a kid. The run goes sequentially all the way through issues 105 and 106, when Elongated Man and Red Tornado join the League respectively. Dick Dillin's art evolves nicely over these issues - you can see the progression of his style. He was the League artist for me as a kid. Hopefully they can put out one more volume in this line (taking us to the late 70's).

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