Friday, February 18, 2011

Comic Books of the Week (2/16/11)

Due to a shortage in shipping to my local comic shop, no Legion of Super-Heroes or Doom Patrol this week. Hopefully next week. Meanwhile, on to the books that did arrive:

Brightest Day #20 (of 24) - the "Aquawar" continues here with a full issue focusing on Aquaman and his cast. The art and story worked great here, setting up clearly some plot threads for after this mini is over. Aquaman has benefitted greatly from these spotlights. I would love to see this creative team continue with the character in an ongoing series.

Booster Gold #41 - it was announced last week that Dan Jurgens is returning to do writing and art with issue 44. I can't wait! Given that, it feels like Giffen and DeMatteis are phoning it in on this final arc. The whole Dr. Nishtikeit stuff felt rushed and the whole imprisoned in the 25th century seems very contrived. Wake me up when 44 gets here.

Green Lantern #62 - not a big fan of this issue. I think it might have been Mahnke's art. The whole arc has been a bit drawn up - just to set up the "War of the Green Lanterns" arc which begins next issue. I hope it picks up a bit. GL needs to be big and exciting with the film coming out this summer. Right now, not so much for me (exciting).

Justice League of America #54 - good thing the heroes were on the cover and the first two pages, because otherwise I would have thought I picked up the wrong book. Given that, I love Eclipso and love the idea of taking an issue to give his background to those unfamiliar. But I do hope next issue we get to see the stars of this book as the vile villain puts his plan into effect (with help of his shadow warriors).

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