Friday, September 5, 2008

Comics of the Week (9/4/08)

Adam Strange Special #1 - this tie-in to the Rann-Thanagar Holy War didn't thrill me as much as the Hawkman Special last month. I think part of it was because Jim Starlin did not do the art for this one. Also, the story seemed to mirror a lot of what Hawkman went through (past/future/mystery). The future stuff did reveal some big stuff will be happening with Adam Strange - either in the mini series or beyond.

Green Lantern #34 - I thought this issue ended the "Secret Origin" arc, but it appears we have one more issue to go. This one was okay but mostly just a big fight, nicely drawn by Reis. I'm ready for us to get out of the past on this title.

Trinity #14 - once again, the back-up feature was a bit more interesting than the lead. This whole side-trip to the Antimatter Universe was a bit too much of a diversion all the way around. Let's get back to the bigger story arc. I do like this last trio of covers with the Trinity battling their Antimatter counterparts. Changes things up a bit.

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