Friday, September 12, 2008

Comics of the Week (9/10/08)

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #18 - okay, I'm getting bored. Glad the title ends in a month or so. The book does a good job for telling done-in-one tales for readers not familar with the cast and such, but with the cartoon off the air the book has no extra support. Ah well. Maybe if Geoff Johns could get on to the writing of the regular LSH title, I'd have something to substitute for this one.

Trinity #15 - I love how it all came together in this issue, and the two features did as well. Only thing is, this is issue 15 of 52 so there has got to be a lot more hitting the fan than this. That has me very interested as this is clearly a mega-epic in the making.

Final Crisis: Revelations #2 (of 5) - this tie-in is showing more guts to Final Crisis with a cast that readers can connect to. And, the whole scene with the Anti-Life Equation - that was like something out of a creepy, zombie horror film. Loved it.

Booster Gold #12 - Dan Jurgens draws the Bat-cast well. His Batgirl is spot on perfect. And the story line by Chuck Dixon - a perfect trippy time-travel/paradox laugh-fest. It was great! And that last page - YES! (I won't spoil who shows up but I am sure the creative team will do something great with this person.)

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