Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bones season premiere

My wife and I watched the Bones season premiere which aired earlier this week on FOX last night (taped on the DVR). It was a two-hour episode which, thankfully, we were able to run past the commericials and get done in just shy of an hour and forty minutes. As long time fans of the show, what did I think?

I liked: the British versions of Booth and Bones. They made a nice contrasting team to the main characters. In fact, into the first half hour I thought they'd make for a nice spin-off show (so much for that!).

I liked: the reappearance of Angela's husband, just to add tension. Throwing Cam into the mix made it more fun, and of course we got more of Sweets too. That worked.

I liked: all those gorgeous remote shots of England. Looked awesome on HD.

I liked: Booth's battles with the car. Classic!

I didn't like: what the writers did to the Angela/Hodgins relationship. It is like they have to mix everything up for a new season.

I didn't like: the replacement squint. Clearly we're going to have a rotating person in the lab now that Zack is seeking mental help. What a shame. Maybe this will open it up for the character's return later in the season. I'm hoping.

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