Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Comics of the Week (9/17/08) part 1

Brave and the Bold #17 - the first time since this book relaunched I found an issue I was not thrilled with. This issue was part one of a two part story teaming up Supergirl and Raven. It is written by Marv Wolfman and has art by Phil Winslade. The art didn't thrill me much and that didn't help Wolfman's script either. Marv used to be a writer I loved. His work on Tomb of Dracula in the 70's and New Teen Titans in the 80's was awesome. I think though of late he just has kind of lost that spark I enjoyed in his earlier work. Ah well.

Batman and the Outsiders #11 - Chuck Dixon has left the writing chores, and Frank Tieri has picked them up (for now at least). I liked Tieri's work on Gotham Underground as he showed an affection for Batman's villains there. He brings that to this issue as well. The problem with this issue for me was it is part of the "Batman R.I.P." storyline running through all the Bat-titles and I don't read any other ones. So, it is kind of like being an outsider (no pun intended) here. The issue is okay, just not great. The art didn't thrill me much either. Depending on who gets the permanent creative chores, I might be dropping this title soon.

DC Universe: Decisions #1 (of 4) - this is a mini series timed to coincide with the current US Presidential election. In this book, someone tries to assassinate a presidential candidate and the heroes of the JLA decide to do some protective measures. What happens though is Green Arrow ends up getting into a position where he openly, publicly endorses a candidate he would back anyway. The concept of the series is an interesting one - that is which heroes have what kind of political beliefs.

It is a tricky topic to handle. You have to make their views consistent with past portrayals - and so far the writers are doing okay with that. Green Arrow has always been portrayed as a liberal, as far back as the 70's. So, positive points there. How the rest of the series plays out will be interesting to watch. The other thing that is tricky is for the writers to avoid getting preachy or pushing their own political agendas. With Judd Winick being one of the writers on this book, I tend to worry a little about that. We'll see what happens with the next three parts.

It almost makes you wonder though - how would these characters back the true candidates (as in the book you have fictional ones). Who would back a McCain-Palin ticket? Who would back an Obama-Biden ticket? This would make for some interesting debate indeed.


KC Ryan said...

Well, I'd have to go with the following definites...

Green Arrow (duh)
Green Lantern Kyle Rainer (also duh)
Flash Wally West (based on the blue-collar Keystone stuff)
GL John Stewart

Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Sentinel/Green Lantern Alan Scott (come on, he owns a business!)
The Spirit
Black Canary

Americana would be on the fence, listening to Obama's message of hope but wondering why he hasn't done anything - ANYthing - of note as of yet. She so wants to vote for him, though. Admires McCain's stint as a prisoner of war and his refusal to leave until all prisoners left, but wonders if his economic policies would hurt the average family - the average SHE knows. But Gov. Palin is a lot like VP Rockwell in her own comics, and she knows and likes VP Rockwell. AAAAAAGHHHH!

She'll sit this one out.

Um, that's about all the heroes I can think of right now..

Martin Maenza said...

KC, I might have to disagree a little.

Pre-Crisis GL John Stewart - I can see Obama. Post-Crisis with the military background - I see him leaning more towards McCain.

Lois Lane - definitely McCain given her being a military brat (take it from someone who married one - Obama offends a lot of military folks).

Interesting that Americana is wrestling with this election. I had a feeling she might be on the fence.

KC Ryan said...

She really realy would like to vote for Obama... but his lack of experience makes her very uncomfortable.

Way too early to call... but she WILL vote.

"If you don't vote, shut up for the next four years, because you've lost your right to complain."