Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back into Action Comics

Months ago I remarked in my weekly comic reviews how much I was digging the "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" arc in Action Comics (issues 858 to 863). Now, I had dropped Action regularly years ago but that arc brought me back.

Well, Geoff Johns writing on the title has caused me to come back and stay. I've gotten the next five issues in recent weeks (864 to 868) and I am loving all the elements coming back to the series. Some highlights:

864 - an epilogue to the LSH issue if you will, with Lightning Lad escorting Superman back to the 21st Century and Batman being none to happy. A nice intro to the Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds as well.

865 - a great issue featuring Toyman. Lots of resolution to some plot lines from the 90's where writers darkened the character too much by implying he was a child molester. I never liked that. This issue sorts all that out nicely and sets the villain up for the future.

866 - the beginning of another large arc, this one focusing on Brainiac. We also see the return of supporting characters Cat Grant and Steve Lombard. Nice! This sets up a classic Daily Planet line-up. Nice nods to the Superman films of the 70's too.

867 and 868 - parts two and three of the Brainiac arc. Oh, and if you thought you knew everything there was to know about Brainiac, you're wrong! I love how Johns respects the past and builds upon it, much like he is doing over in Green Lantern.

This book is definitely going back on my pull-list full time. Check it out if you like Johns' writing on other titles.

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KC Ryan said...

I picked up the Toyman issue and was surprised at how they rescued Schott's character from the dumpster. Shows how a good retcon can fix anything :)