Monday, August 11, 2008

Walk Walk

I'm a little achy and tired this morning. Yesterday, about 9am, we drove to the local YMCA downtown but didn't go inside to workout (they don't open until 1pm on Sundays). Instead, the whole family took a two-hour walk up the main drag of Hickory (a place where there are sidewalks for nearly three miles straight) - from 8th all the way up to 33rd where our old apartment was. After one hour, we turned around and walked back. Whew.

It was good though. Weather was pretty cool. And it helps my wife who is walking in the Breast Cancer Cure walk in Charlotte in October (she needs to walk more outside, on sidewalks, which simulates the conditions she'll have then). She's doing at least 13 miles the first day and 13 on the second day, so this training helps her out. Helps me and my son out too as we get to exercise with her some.

So, Saturday I worked out. Sunday we walked. Tonight when my son is at Boy Scouts, I'll do my usual walk for an hour or so in the nearby neighborhoods (saves on gas running back and forth twice).

As Lewis said in Meet the Robinsons, keep moving forward.

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KC Ryan said...

I prefer cycling myself, but there's nothing like a good walk in the early evening when the sun's just going down, to get some time to think things through.

BTW, Maggie walks in the Chicago version of that charity walk.