Friday, August 29, 2008

Comics of the Week (8/27/08) part 2

Ambush Bug: Year None #2 (of 6) - Giffen and Fleming continue with the usual mayhem and foolishness that is the signature of Ambush Bug. Lots of parody and poking fun and recent comic book concepts and stories. Probably only truly enjoyed by fans of the series. Still a fun read in these dark times of comics.

Trinity #13 - full on confrontations in both the lead and the backup feature. Busiek and Bagley continue to deliver week after week with a spanning adventure and a full cast. This book is more than just the big three - and folks really need to be picking this up (or wait for the trades next year).

DC Universe: Last Will and Testament - this one-shot by Brad Meltzer and the Kubert brothers is a nice character piece. The cover image is missing the lead star of the book which is Geo-Force. In the book, while Earth is on the eve of this "final crisis", he decides to seek vengeance against the man who corrupted his sister Terra. But besides this main plot, we also see how other heroes are handling this night before it all hits the fan. A good read and clearly an extension of what Brad was going for back when he did his year on Justice League of America. I enjoyed it a lot.


KC Ryan said...

I enjoyed Last Will and Testament. Strange it's labelled a DC Universe book and no relation to Final Crisis, since that's what it actually spits out from.

Martin Maenza said...

I think because of the inconsistencies with Grant's Final Crisis book and other titles (this isn't the first one - Death Of the New Gods and Countdown also didn't jive with Grant's tale - I hear editorial wasn't so tight which was a huge mistake) they did not label this book as a "Final Crisis" special.