Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Comics of the Week (7/30/08)

Reign In Hell #1 (of 8) - it took about fourteen pages for me to get into this first issue of a series that is supposed to chronicle the battle for the underworld. I'm more interested right now in the Dr. Occult back up series. I'll give it another couple issues.

Teen Titans #61 - Kid Devil and Blue Beetle reluctantly team up to take on Shockwave. It was an okay fill-in issue between big event arcs.

Trinity #9 - a so-so issue of the weekly. High points were the introduction of a new villain called Swashbuckler and his battles with Wonder Woman and Nightwing.

Green Lantern #33 - part 5 of the Secret Origins arc has Hal and Sinestro investigated Abin Sur's crash site and learning about the prisoner he had been carry when he died. Next issue completes this flashback arc.

Justice Society of America Annual #1 - this was THE book of the week! Geoff Johns brings Power Girl back to Earth-2, and Jerry Ordway brings forth the days of his artwork on Infinity Inc. and All-Star Squadron. All the old familiar faces are here, but something isn't quite right. This annual is the opening chapters of an arc that will run back in the main JSA title. A must for fans of the golden age heroes and their offspring, as they were back in the 80's before Crisis On Infinite Earths changed everything.

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