Saturday, August 23, 2008

Comics of the Week (8/20/08)

Batman and the Outsiders #10 - first, is this alien parasite one of those leftover from the Bloodlines annuals about a decade back? It sure seems to follow the same m.o. - feed one a host, some get super powers. Liked this issue okay but clearly you can see we're hitting the transition point when Chuck Dixon leaves as writer and a new team comes on. We'll see if the book remains good after that.

the Brave and the Bold #16 - another fun, done-in-one team-up written by Mark Waid. This time, Superman joins forces with Catwoman to investigate a huge underworld auction in Gotham. The story is playful and fun with a twist or two to keep it from being predictable.

Justice League of America #24 - a decent fight issue that shows that the women of the League are resourceful and a force to be reckoned with. My only beef with the issue - the cover had nothing to do with the majority of the tale. It would better have served as a cover for the next issue.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #4 (of 8) - we hit the halfway point with this issue. Jim Starlin delivers a lot of action that does get slightly confusing mid-way - due to a tie-in with the Adam Strange Special which hasn't come out yet (should be soon before issue #5). Still, beautifully drawn and a good handling of a diverse cast. This book makes me actually interesting in knowing more about the Weird.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #6 (of 12) - halfway point of the mini series and things are stepping up nicely. A good amount of detail here about this world's Superman and his motivation. Interesting to see Batman pondering the ramifications of the whole situation. This is clearly not a clear cut, black and white situation.

Trinity #12 - definitely some major revelations in this issue as the JLA duke it out with the Crime Syndicate in the front portion. What is going on with GL John Stewart? And the back-up feature this time - absolutely perfect. Love the lead character, love what he finds, and love how the revelations regarding Enigma fall into place. I can't believe I hadn't figure that out totally. Nice job, writers! I'm continually impressed by the entertainment this weekly book brings.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1 (of 5) - this was THE book I have been waiting for all summer. One of my current favorite writers, Geoff Johns, is scripting this epic and my all-time favorite artist, George Perez, is bringing it to life. Plus, it should finally be cleaning up the chaos of the Legion of Super-Heroes continuity for the past couple decades (with next year being the 50th anniversary of the LSH). I couldn't ask for a better book. The story so far is interesting, the threat level to face the heroes is the highest, and the character personalities show through. I love all the little touches Perez puts in the background, making this already dialogue and caption full book an even longer read. You can't help but look for all the little artistic Easter eggs in the backgrounds. That is what makes Perez the master he is. And Johns clearly knows and loves his Legion Lore - the book is chock full of details that long-time fans will eat up. A perfect comic. Even if the book doesn't come out monthly as first planned (due to Perez' health and requiring longer to draw each issue), it will be worth the wait every time!


KC Ryan said...

LSH may just be the best superhero comic I've read in years.

I'm biased, a little - for the Legion, and against the Legion.

It's good to be home again!

LL the L!

Martin Maenza said...

I hear that! I dropped the Legion after a couple decades when they did the Legion Lost bit. I had enough at that point. I missed the days of Grell, Levitz, Giffen, etc. It is good to be home again.