Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comics of the Week (8/27/08) part 1

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1 (of 2) - what the #*!@? is this about? I should have walked away when I saw Grant Morrison as the writer, but since it is only a two part tie-in to Final Crisis I kept it in my pile. BIG MISTAKE! The book was confusing as anything and gave me a headache (and that wasn't from reading it with the 3D glasses for some of the sequences - about the only decent thing in the book). Does Grant even know how to write coherently? I think not. Don't waste your money, people.

Reign In Hell #2 (of 8) - okay, on to another writer who can be a little confusing at times, Keith Giffen. Now, this was a bit easier to follow - there is a war going on in Hell and the mystic heroes are going to have to chose sides. Keith at least keeps the story moving and easy to follow. Some of his dialogue gets a little lofty but that's okay. The book is working. At least you get to know who some of these characters are, unlike in Grant's work.

Teen Titans #62 - the cover asks "Who Is Wonderdog?" and in this issue you meet him and find out about him. It also focuses on Wendy and Marvin, who Geoff Johns brought into the book a couple years back as supporting teen geniuses. I liked what was done with those two so far and was interested in an issue spotlighting on them. Well, we get that - and more! I won't spoil the book for readers here - but it went a direction I did not expect. Kudos for keeping me interested in a story that was easy to follow logically.


Jim McClain said...

I will beg to differ about Grant Morrison, Martin. All-Star Superman is the best Superman book to come out in 20 years. He can write a well-crafted and coherent story that treats the entire Superman mythos quite lovingly.

Martin Maenza said...

Jim, that may be true about the All-Star title. I can't speak to that as I don't read it. However, his major company-wide event books - like the Final Crisis titles of late - he hasn't been doing so well (IMHO). I guess I just expect a lot more out of the big event books. For me, Grant is not delivering at all.