Thursday, August 7, 2008

Comics of the Week (8/06/08)

Trinity #10 - in the lead tale, the big three lead the rest of the JLA to Earth of the Crime Syndicate to rescue kidnapped people. In the back-up tale, Robin and Nightwing meet a new foe - Primak. I just realized with this issue why the Swashbuckler name was now so familiar when paired with Primak - these are the names that some of the JLA members used when they were in disguise and testing Black Lightning back for JLA membership back in 1979 (Justice League of America #173). Kudos to the writers for putting this little Easter egg in the books for us old time fans to enjoy!

Final Crisis #3 (of 7) - once again, Grant Morrison keeps me confused with his muddled writing style. I have a general idea of what is going on here, but the whole story seems to just be a mish-mash of scenes for me. The big guns of the JLA all seem to be taken out of the equation. The scenes with Clark by Lois' bedside just seemed so out of character for me. Ditto with Hal Jordan willingly going with the Alpha Lanterns without a fight. And Wonder Woman so easily duped? I don't think so. This mega event is starting to near the halfway point and the main mini series is leaving me cold. That concerns me a lot.

Hawkman Special #1 - this is a direct continuation of the last issue of the Rann/Thanagar Holy War mini series, and it is a must read. Hawkman encounters a shrouded entity who reveals that all of Hawkman's memories are false. There is something bigger going on with the multiverse and Hawkman is one of six key players. This got me very excited. Finally, we're going to clear up the mess that has been Hawkman's continuity since Crisis On Infinite Earths. It's about time. Great artwork and writing through out by Jim Starlin. Grant Morrison could take a few lessons from this master on how to tell a good story with solid delivery.

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