Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making Comics

In 2006, Scott McCloud put out his third book on comics - the aptly titled Making Comics.

Naturally, it is about, what else, making comics. And since Scott is an artist himself, the book is more an illustrated guide on various topics including the expected discussions on perspective, character design, facial features, layout, composition and more. His approach to the topics works very well - in a show, not tell manner. That is really important when we're talking about how to do art. Those with MFA degrees or art backgrounds would most likely agree.

As more of a writer than an artist (heck, I used to have good friends who were artists mail me drawings of my character with the return address of "keep Martin from drawing"), I found the book to be quite valuable indeed.

I checked the copy out of the local library and flew through it last weekend. However, this looks like a book that I just might want to have in my own personal reference library - so I think I'll be looking to pick up a copy at a local bookstore or order online in the near future. I found it to be that useful.

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