Friday, October 10, 2008

Comics of the Week (10/8/08) - part 2

Action Comics #870 - the Brainiac saga comes to a rocking conclusion with lots of big panels, lots of excitement, and an ending that was slightly telegraphed by the cover (unfortunately). I have to say though that in a number of panels, Gary Frank's rendering of Superman looked a lot like the Christopher Reeves Superman to me. That is a very cool effect. In a lot of ways, Geoff Johns writes this book like a huge blockbuster film.

Trinity #19 - the lead focuses again on Tarot in this strange, altered Earth. Also, we get a nice glimpse both in the lead and backup of former supporting cast members of the now-missing-trinity. Nice touches to this alternate reality aspect of the epic. Cool cover as well.

Secret Six #2 - Gail Simone continues to dazzle me with her story telling and characterizations of these villains on the fringe. I really like where the book is going so far. Also, the battle between Catman and Batman shows how alike the two are in so many ways - fitting since Catman started out his career trying to emulate Batman.

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