Saturday, October 18, 2008

Comics of the Week (10/15/08) part 2

Justice Society of America #19 - "One World, Under Gog" continues with part 4 as the battle lines in the JSA are drawn - those who question Gog's motives and those who support them. Things get even more complicated though when Power Girl finds her way back from Earth-2, but she's not alone! Next issue should prove to be quite the fight between the generations. Johns and Ross are really taking their time to weave an epic here. Though at times it is like not a lot happens each month, the characterization and the context are making for a rich tale. And those Ross covers are awesome as always.

Trinity #20 - Busiek and Bagley continue to explore this "what if" world where the trinity never existed, and through Firestorm's research we see how that new history was shaped. I think the weekly format really allows them to explore and expand on the concepts that a monthly title could not afford. I am enjoying this a lot - like a good novel. The back-up feature involves the newly released Krona and his quest for power. This should come to a head later in the run as well.

Booster Gold #13 - fill-in team of Remender and Olliffe give us a thrilling first part of a tale where Starro the Conqueror takes over Rip Hunter and, in essense, has a chance to change history. Booster and Goldstar must try to stop the alien starfish from subjugating the entire human race. The story continues in the same vein as earlier arcs, using the dynamics of time-travel to make for some very interesting situations. This fill-in is allowing Dan Jurgens the time to ramp up as the writer-artist on the book full time. I'm continuing to love this title.

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