Thursday, October 16, 2008

Comics of the Week (10/15/08) part 1

Batman and the Outsiders #12 - another Batman R.I.P. tie-in issue with the Outsiders finding themselves on the receiving end of trouble. The cover does not lie - an Outsider does die in this issue. But it isn't an obvious choice, or one that really has long standing ramifications. Oh, except the team disbands. Yeah, we'll see where things go with next issue.

Brave and the Bold #18 - I have to ask again: when did Marv Wolfman turn into a hack writer? This second part of the Raven/Supergirl team-up was horrible. Very disjointed. And even though a forgotten hero returns (sort of), it still wasn't anything major to write home about. This felt like a filler arc to be sure. I hope the quality of the book gets better.

DC Universe: Decisions #3 (of 4) - except for a couple good scenes with the heroes and their political thoughts, this issue really took the series down a turn for the worse. I had high hopes for this mysterious person behind the assassination attempts, but we find out in the last few pages who is behind it. And trust me, it is a left-field thing (even if it does fit the clues so far). I won't spoil it here, but the last issue of the mini series has some serious 'splaining to do as to the motive behind this person's actions.

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KC Ryan said...

My comics?

Rogue's Revenge #3 - the wrap up to the story really rocks. I'd buy a monthly if it were done by this team.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2 - The current Doctor either meets up or flashes back to all the previous Doctors in order to escape he-who-I-think-is-the-Master-but-that's-too-obvious. In this one we get to see Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, both extrememly funny though they're in mortal danger. A really really fun book.

Legion of Three Worlds #2 - What can I say, I'm a Legion fan and George Perez is drawing it. That the story is pretty good too is a bonus. I'm kind of curious as to how this thing goes 5 issues because it seems like the final confrontation is just pages away. INteresting.

And Scooby-Doo is a reprint. :)