Thursday, October 9, 2008

Comics of the Week (10/8/08) - part 1

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #19 - in this penultimate issue of the series, Booster Gold is the focus as the LSH tries to figure out what the true purpose of this showy hero is. Now, I like Booster a lot, so this story was fun. But the book really seems to have lost its focus on the LSH and that might be possibly why it is getting cancelled (that and the cartoon is no longer running on Kids WB).

Final Crisis: Revelations #3 (of 5) - we hit the halfway point and find out just why Cain is so hot to destroy the Spectre. Nice tie-in to Final Crisis - you get a real true sense of the effects of the Anti-Life Equation.

Green Lantern #35 - the final "Secret Origin" chapter brings Hal and Sinestro back to Oa for a meeting with the Guardians. It doesn't go well. This chapter sort of ties up the threads of the "origin" arc and peppers things for the next story line in present day. It'll be nice to get back there after seven-plus months. The artwork by Reis & Albert is gorgeous as always.

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