Thursday, October 2, 2008

Comics of the Week (10/1/08)

DC Universe: Decisions #2 (of 4) - I really enjoyed this second issue of the political themed mini. After Green Arrow endorsed a candidate last issue, the floodgates are opened. I like how the personalities and the interplay between characters worked this issue. With the real-life election playing out daily in the news, this is a nice contrast to it.

Justice League of America #25 - some nice touches this issue with Red Tornado, tying up elements that have been present in this title run so far. The Vixen/Animal Man plot is a little dull, especially given the villain and his abilities. Glad this storyline concludes next issue.

Trinity #18 - speaking of alternate realities, welcome to another one after last issues big blow up! I like how this was presented - it was interesting. How will the Trinity bounce back and set things right? I'm eager to keep finding out after this issue.

Terror Titans #1 (of 6) - spinning out of the regular Teen Titans title, this mini series by McKeever and Bennett promises to be an action packed ride. I like finding out more about these villains, about seeing more evolution of the Ravager character, and I like how this ties into Final Crisis without having all the trappings of that book. Really enjoyed this first issue a lot.

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KC Ryan said...

Actually... I kind of enjoyed the JLA book a bit more than normal.

I don't know... maybe using the spider-trickster didn't float your boat, but I thought it pretty interesting and we get a chance to see Vixen do her stuff as well.

I did pick up the Salvation Run TB, and really enjoyed that. Yeah, could have been better, but not bad.

I needed something to keep my mind off of my Dad, if only for half an hour... sigh :)