Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paper Doll

In Paper Doll, the 20th Spenser novel written by Robert B. Parker (from 1993), the Boston detective is hired by a rich aristocrat to find out who murdered his wife Olivia. Spenser first investigates the family, only to find a facade of ideal life. Gaining no ground there, he heads to the deep South to investigate the woman's past. And what he finds is that things are not as they appeared at all and that many are trying to stop him from uncovering the truth.

Again, Parker does a wonderful job building up the supporting cast and the people Spenser meets along the way. He does it in such an effortless way that you get invested in these new characters.

And, again, Parker got me. I had part of the mystery figured out but not all of it. That surprise and suspense kept me reading page after page. A good read in the series - highly recommended.

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