Friday, May 2, 2008

Comics of the Week (4/30/08)

First, a disclaimer: my comic shop gets shorted one book in order almost every week. This week it was DC Universe Zero, one of the big talked about titles of the week. I'm avoiding the spoilers so I can read it fresh next week. Just an FYI.

Teen Titans Go! #54 - another fun, done-in-one. This is the second to last issue of the book and it brings in the new Wonder Girl (Cassie) to the animated Titans universe. Todd Nauck's art is perfect, as always. I'll miss this book when it ends.

Teen Titans #58 - back in the main DCU, we get a spotlight issue on Miss Martian. Now, I had been kind of put off by the new creative team when they first started, but this issue kicked into gear nicely. I enjoyed it a lot and appreciate the focus on the characters who aren't seen elsewhere. Getting better each issue.

Green Lantern #30 - we get part 2 of the "Secret Origin" storyline. While this is a basic retelling of Hal's early days, we get some nice editions by Geoff Johns too. Stuff like what Abin Sur was doing when he came to Earth, why he was in a space ship, etc. The last page was sort of interesting too - tying a later foe into the mix early on. Need to check my Showcase Presents for the classic GL tales to see if this is a continuity adjustment or not. Solid book with some really nice art.


KC said...

Review of Final Crisis #0 or whatever, NO SPOILERS.

What the heck is going on with this stuff? Am I that far out of touch with comics that it seems like I've seen it all before?

Well, actually, I have... I mean, after we've seen the world get destroyed a few times it's kind of hard to get much of a jones up for yet another incarnation of...

Oh, I said no spoilers. I'll wait until Martin gets the comic.

Rather surprised that they shorted you the one big comic of the week. Many, monopolies suck, don't they?

Martin said...

KC, yup...from what I gather it is time for another "crisis", a final crisis. And in the DCU that means worlds being destroyed.

The shop didn't just short me - Diamond Distribution missed one of their boxes and in it was DC Universe Zero. So, they should have it by next week, so I can catch up then.