Friday, May 9, 2008

Comics of the Week (5/7/08) - part 1

All-New Atom #23 - ugh. Not enjoyable at all. I'm not sure if it is the new writer, the new art team, this story line or a combination of all three. Clearly I'm not the only one getting it. Sales are dropping and the final issue is scheduled to be #25 - at the end of this story arc. I'm only sticking with the title to have the complete run. Sad. The book had such wonderful potential when it first started out - with Gail Simone's quirky writing and John Byrne's art. It kept solid even when Byrne left due to Gail's style. But with Gail gone, the book is floundering.

Justice League Unlimited #45 - this book is being cancelled too, with #46 being it's final one. I think since the JLU toon is no longer shown on television that it was just a matter of time. A shame. I'll miss this one. This issue was sort of hit-and-miss. I think getting close to the end they are just pulling together whatever they can to finish the run. It sort of shows. Ah well.

Countdown to Mystery #7 - this issue was supposed to come out last month. The untimely death of Steve Gerber probably made the Dr. Fate portion run past deadline. While all right, that part of the book hasn't impressed me much of late. It is just sort of floundering in the realm of the weird. On the flip side, the Eclipso portion which has taken over the lead has been rock solid. It has a lot of guest stars (Creeper, Plastic Man, Hawk & Dove, the Spectre) and this issue sets up for the big finale in the final issue. Can't wait! The covers of this book have been pretty good too - especially when they combine the Fate and Eclipso concepts together as this one's did.

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