Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol 2008 - Top 3 Results

Okay, now that was an hour of filler.

First, Fantasia comes back with what was clearly a WTF performance. Don't believe me? The looks on Simon's and Paula's faces told me they were just as confused. And she was the Season 3 winner. Go figure.

Next, we get the full length home visits of the final three. Clearly the fans love the Davids. Syesha's turn out was a bit less though. Telling? Should have been.

Finally, we get the results. Archuleta is announced in the final and he takes it was some shock and then celebration. Next, Cook is announced as the other final two member, and he takes it with a quiet maturity and consoles Syesha a bit on her loss. That's the difference between the two Davids.

So, next week we get the first guy vs. guy finale since season 2 with Reuben and Clay. How will it end up? If my track record of picking is any indication, David Cook will take second place due to a close call between the fan bases. Personally, I don't know if David Archuletta has the maturity and experience to handle the title. He can't even articulate his thoughts in simple interview questions. If he wins, the 19E folks will have to work with him a lot to make him public presentable.

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