Friday, May 23, 2008

Comics of the Week (5/21/08) - part 1

Countdown to Mystery #8 (of 8) - well, this final issue has a nice cover but that's as far as it went for me. The end of the Eclipso tale was anti-climactic, and the untimely death of Steve Gerber left the Dr. Fate story without an ending (so DC had four teams do four endings - all of them seemed lacking).

Batman and the Outsiders #7 - another decent issue. Chuck Dixon has the team dynamic down well with a lot of adventure, characterization and a steady pacing. While not a top tier DC book, it is solid month after month.

the Brave and the Bold #13 - after the mega-epic opener, we get a single issue tale featuring Batman and the golden age Flash. The story actually works very well with a good mix of personalities and action. Jerry Ordway does a great job on the art chores - harkening back, for me, his early days as the artist on Infinity Inc. in the early 80's.


Jim McClain said...

I'm sorry, but after all these years I still just can't wrap my head around Jay Garrick talking to Batman as if he's the new kid on the block. Flash appeared well after Batman and Batman was continuously published the whole time the Golden Age Flash was all but forgotten. I guess I'm just a pre-Crisis guy.

Martin said...

I come from pre-Crisis too - back when there were multiple Earths and it wasn't at all confusing. Ah well. Suprisingly, post-Crisis has been around now for 20 years and is actually the larger portion of my comic reading (sadly).