Saturday, May 10, 2008

Comics of the Week (5/7/08) - part 2

DC Universe 0 - this one-shot preview of various upcoming storylines and titles was well worth the fifty cents cover price. First, that cover - awesome! I love covers with lots and lots of characters. The rest of the book was six three-page previews, loosely tied together by a single narration, of upcoming mini-series and events tying into Final Crisis. Since I already had planned to buy four of the six anyway, I was pretty much sold.

The War That Time Forgot #1 (of 12) - what a way to start a maxi-series event then with a Neal Adams cover! Again, score. This title is the story of various time-lost characters from DC's rich history, all together and fighting for their lives on an island with dinosaurs and other advesaries. Nothing like seeing Firehair, Enemy Ace, Tomahawk, and more in an all-out-action adventure. Who knows who will show up in future issues? That's half the fun!

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #1 (of 8) - DC's super-stars of space are coming together for a big adventure. We've got Adam Strange, Starfire, Animal Man, Captain Comet, Hawkman, the Omega-Men, Starman, Bizarro(?!?) and who knows who else coming together in a cosmic epic. With Jim Starlin on the writing chores and Ron Lim doing the art, I know it'll be a wild ride. Two thumbs up!

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