Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comics of the Week (5/21/08) - part 2

Justice Society of America #15 - "Thy Kingdom Come" rolls along with an issue long battle of the JSA vs. Gog. I was a bit disappointed. Last issue ended with the appearance of someone else from the Kingdom Come Earth but then no explaination this time. Just fighting. Sure, very well coregraphed fighting, but fighting just the same. You get the sense it is a huge battle, but that made for reading the issue very quick. Oh, and we get another teaser page for next year in the book - that intrigued me some. Especially the second panel which is for the upcoming Justice Society of America Annual.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #3 (of 12) - this mini continues to fold out the story slowly (perhaps too slow?). I like that it is building but I was hoping for a bit more than what we got this time. Still, I'm enjoying this one.

Justice League of America #21 - a "sightings" book, meaning it ties into major arcs/concepts going on in the whole line. This one ties into Final Crisis which begins next month. We get the return of a one-shot classic villain as well as some interesting dialogue between the big three JLA founders. A good issue but definitely a prologue to Final Crisis.

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