Friday, May 30, 2008

A Little Less Laughter

I was saddened to hear that comedy legend Harvey Korman passed away this week at age 81.

As someone born in the mid-60's, my first exposure to Mr. Korman's talents was when he did voice over work for the Flintstones cartoon during the last season or so of that show's run. He voiced the Great Gazoo, the alien visitor to the stone-age with amazing magic abilities that was sent there to help Fred and Barney stay out of trouble. One of the local television affiliates out of Buffalo showed the Flintstones every afternoon, and as a diligent watcher I knew each cartoon cold. Still, it was the great characters and great voices that kept me coming back for repeat viewing. Mr. Korman was a great voice.

As I got older in the 70's, I spent many a Saturday evening over at my grandparents' house. The Carol Burnett Show was always a staple of the evening viewing, and Mr. Korman was a key component to that outstanding ensemble cast. Even if I was too young to get some of the subtle nuances to the sketches, it was delivery, the facial gestures, the physical presence and the vocal skills that made me laugh out loud. The humor was enjoyable by both young and old. And it was done without being profrane or vulgar or crass. Classic humor.

Even still, Harvey Korman went on to do other things - guest roles on other programs and films like Mel Brook's Blazing Saddles. No matter the size of the role, he delivered and was memorable.

I read an article regarding the passing of Mr. Korman that said "the world has now become a little more serious". That is very true

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kc said...

I'm going to miss him, too.

Though I was always more partial to Tim Conway, the threesome (with Carol) really made the Carol Burnett Show tops in its game. I wish someone would rerun the show now - we could all use a laugh.