Friday, May 16, 2008

Comics of the Week (5/14/08)

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #14 - not sure what was going on (maybe just an off week for me) but I wasn't as thrilled with this book as usual. It was just sort of average at best. I'm hoping the title picks up again. We'll see.

Final Crisis Sketchbook - I hadn't ordered this originally, but after putting Titans #2 back on the shelf (I flipped through that one - it looked horrid - and I said last month when I reviewed #1 that I was going to drop it, and I did) I decided to divert the money to this one-shot. Well, it's a sketchbook by J.G. Jones with some notes by Grant Morrison. This is the team bringing us Final Crisis. I have to say it was a mixed bag. A lot of it was redesigns of Jack Kirby's classic New Gods characters. IMHO, those are great designs and didn't need updating. If Final Crisis is the vehicle to do this, I'll be disappointed.

Book of the week again goes to Booster Gold. #9 continues the attempts of Booster and Blue Beetle to correct the timeline that Booster screwed up by saving BB's life. This issue is called "Putting the Band Back Together" and it's all about the JLI mounting an attack on Max Lord and the OMACs. Another fun issue.

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