Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol 2008 - Winner Announced!

Having decided to spend most of the two hour finale doing something useful - like catching up on recorded Monday night's season finales dramas of Bones and House, I set the DVR to record Idol's 2 hour finale. Still, I knew they'd run long and the DVR would cut out, so I turned the show on at about 9:45pm - just in time to see the top 12 doing a medley of George Michael tunes before the man himself came out to sing (side note: man, the years and drugs have not been kind on George - he looked very sick and he could barely hold his notes).

So, commercial and then time to announce the winner. I'm ready to be disappointed again - as I was in the years I was backing Clay Aiken, Diana DeGarmo, Bo Bice and Melinda Doolittle (okay, the last one went out at number three - but she deserved to be in the finale!). And the winner is David.... (I so called Ryan doing this!)


Wow! I was as shocked as he was. By a margin of 12 million votes, the rocker blew away the teen ballad singer. America got it right! Simon couldn't have been more proud! Finally Idol got itself a rocker for the title. They can stop trying to pass Chris Daughtry off as the winner of season 5 (since they've pretty much disowned Taylor Hicks).

My wife and I have been a David Cook fan since the beginning of the season. He was consistent, current, and cordial through and through. His honest emotion upon winning, and his willingness to share his final spotlight with the rest of the top 12 contestants during his coronation sing out just shows how gracious he is.

We can't wait to get his CD when it is released. I know we'll love it.

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