Friday, May 30, 2008

Comics of the Week (5/29/08)

Final Crisis #1 (of 7) - well, I have to say I was not impressed with this first issue. This is supposed to be a huge event and I expected it to kick off with a bang. It didn't. Don't know if it is Morrison's writing style or Jones' art. The first seven pages and the second to last two - while nicely illustrated - seemed to be totally out of left field. I hope they are relevant later, because they weren't in this issue. Another big chunk sort of ties into Death of the New Gods but a lot in a very big head scratching sort of way. The pages with the super-villains was mostly a lot of posturing - that is until the deaths start rolling. There are also a few pages that sort of tie-in to the events of Countdown but not very neatly either. This better improve. How could it not?

Teen Titans #59 - another solid issue. I'm liking this storyline with Clock King and his Terror Titans. Yes, it has a "Dark Side Club" banner tie-in which a few books last issue had also. This sort of ties it loosely to Final Crisis but not enough that you have to seek out the mini to enjoy what is going on here. The artwork by Barrows and Jose continues to improve as well.

Teen Titans Go! #55 - a fun final issue that leaves things open for the future, if DC ever revisits. Nauck's art is enjoyable as always. I'm sorry to see this book go but, as the letter column said, it was hard to keep a book going about a cartoon that has basically been off the air for awhile now. That's probably the same rationale they used for cancelling Justice League Unlimited. I hope this allows Todd Nauck more time to do his Wildguard stuff for Image.

Green Lantern #31 - the "Secret Origin" continues. I like how Geoff Johns is merging the best elements from the original GL stuff of the 60's with the positive parts of Emerald Dawn in the 90's. And I for one do not miss the drunkard Hal Jordan at all (that was a huge mistake). The artwork by Reis and Albert continues to pop nicely and the scenes on Oa are perfect.


KC said...

I think the Final Crisis issue was just a setup for all those people who hadn't been buying other books... sort of an introduction to the series.

That said, it was pretty haphazzard... but I trust Grant to tie everything together later on.

Of course, whether that floats your boat is an open question. I mean, look at Seven Soldiers. I don't really know if every question was answered, mainly because I bought so few of the books - but weren't they supposed to make me want to buy all the books?

I'm so-o-o-o confused. Maybe it's time I drop superhero comics altogether. It's not as if I buy many as is (JSA, some JLA... uhh... wow, is that it?).

But for all the groaning, I am damn interested in what happens next... which is saying something, I suppose...

Martin said...

KC, I see your point. But with a seven issue mini series, having one issue to introduce things is a little bit of a risk. And, unlike you, I'm not as trusing in Grant Morrison. I think his run on JLA years back was highly overrated. Finally, I'm disappointed to see Jack Kirby's creations "re-interpreted" in this way. I find it insulting. They were just fine the way they were. Sure, they'll likely be that way again - but why go through all that just to have this interim bit to appease Grant? Sounds like fan-fiction material to me.

Michael O. said...

Yeah, my one-word review of the first Final Crisis issue was "Huh?". After somehow making it all the way through that horrid weakly lead-up, THIS is what I toughed it out for? Typical Morrison to me, who I think is perhaps THE most overrated writer out there. He's got nothing left but shock value in his quiver. He generally could care less about the characters themselves. I've always felt his sole purpose in comics was to make "cool" comic readers feel like they're not dorks for reading comics. "I'm not a comic nerd! I only read Morrison! He takes drugs! Cool!" Hmm. So, as ill-impressed as I am by the man's work as a whole, I'm equally apathetic to this series after reading one issue. I could really care less, frankly.

Green Lantern, on the other hand? GOLD! Completely loving this book. It keeps on satisfying. I guess that makes me "uncool".

Martin said...

Mike, I'm like you - I think Morrison is very overrated. I HATED his JLA run, but since I've been with that team non-stop since the mid-70's, I beared with it. Only Joe Kelley and his JLA run was enough to get me to drop the book.