Friday, September 4, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 5 episodes 9 and 10

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 5...


A5-9: Harm's Way (written by Fain and Craft, airdate 1/14/04)

I have to admit that I enjoy the Harmony character. She can be funny and sympathetic all at the same time. Nice having an episode focusing on her. It did seem a bit like an office sitcom episode (or something out of "the Twilight Zone" meets "Ally McBeal") but it worked for me.

A5-10: Soul Purpose (written by Brent Fletcher, airdate 1/21/04)

A new writer name in the credits and it wasn't a bad episode. Boreanaz directed this one and that worked well too. Given all the bizarre dreams I've been having this week, I can connect to how they'd stress Angel out. The one where Fred was doing the exam was especially funny. Loved Lindsey's approach to woo Spike - even down to playing the "Doyle" act. He and Eve are a deadly duo and could spell trouble to the gang.

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