Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 5 episodes 15 and 16

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 5...


A5-15: A Hole In the World (written by Joss Whedon, airdate 2/24/04)

Again, Joss takes the reins to spin this show into its final major arc - with some serious repercussions. It can't get any more serious than his terminating the most new relationship of Wesley and Fred but using the one thing that can permanently break them apart - death. Alexis and Amy did an outstanding job on their scenes together as Fred succumbs to the infection that will bring upon Illyria. And though the guys put up a strong front at her bedside, they all know how serious this thing is. And it hits them all in many ways. Gunn faces himself in the White Room, a foreshadow to how he'll have to come to terms with what his actions have done that lead to Fred's death. Loren shows his dark side when he threatens Eve. Angel and Spike bury their petty arguments to work together in England. And Knox is revealed to be a true snake. In the argument of cavemen vs. astronauts, it looks like the cavemen (the old ones) win this round.

A5-16: Shells (written by Steven DeKnight, airdate 3/3/04)

Wes faces Illyria and realizes that all hope and love in his world is gone. He again begins that slide down the dark road, at a faster rate. Last episode, he shot to injure a law firm guy for not helping on Fred's problem. This episode, he stabs Gunn - a payback for the knife in the back Gunn accidentally put to the group, and then Wes shoots Knox dead. Just as Fred is nothing but a shell for Illyria, Wes is becoming the shell of the former man he was. Harmony steps up - as this group needs a female to help hold them together (first with Cordy gone and now Fred). She is eager to torture Knox for Gunn and later is the only one who will still face Gunn. I wasn't so hot on the ending where Illyria, after realizing her world and army are gone, turns to Wes to understand this new world - and that Wes would even entertain helping her. I know he has lost Fred and she looks like Fred, but surely even he can't be so blinded by his grief to think this is a good idea, can he?

Counting down to the final six episodes of the series...

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