Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comics of the Week (9/10/09)

Adventure Comics #2 (505) - um, where's the "adventure"? Most of this issue was talk talk talk. Superboy and Wonder Girl talk for the first time since his return. Garth Ranzz talks to his brother Mekt. Um, Geoff - could we get a little bit more action in this title, please?

Blackest Night: Batman #2 (of 3) - the undead bat-foes raise some hell and the Bat-team has to try to put them down, with "try" being the key word. This issue goes to show just how much they're out of their league on this threat. I liked it a lot. Had a lot of that "night of the living dead" feel to it. Oh, and it had tons of action.

Booster Gold #24 - nice to see Booster using his head as he once more has to correct an errant time-stream. Jurgens really draws the classic New Teen Titans well. A consistenly enjoyable read for me.

Secret Six #13 - also another consistently solid read. Gail continues to show the complex personalities behind these villains. I liked it a lot. Even the gallows humor delivered so well by Ragdoll works every time.

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KC Ryan said...

You've gotten me hooked on Secret Six.

And I liked Adventure with the talking! Just fine! What, Brainiac destroying a half-dozen choppers wasn't enough for you? :)