Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Comics of the Week (9/23/09)

Blackest Night: Superman #2 (of 3) - this one was a fast read but there was a lot of action and a lot of big, beautiful art. Smallville has turned into a battleground as Superman and Superboy take on the resurrect Kal-L and his surprise ally (no, not resurrected Lois, but she's there too). Supergirl meanwhile has her own personal issues to deal with. A solid issue - again, I am very impressed with these tie-in minis to the main mini. Lots of good stuff - the way a huge event should be done.

Justice League of America #37 - the final part of Len Wein's tale of the League versus the Royal Flush Gang. Again, some good stuff - lots of action, lots of classic splitting of the team into pairs and solid art. So glad Len got to do this one, allowing Robinson and Bagley to get lined up as the new creative team next issue.

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KC Ryan said...

Loved the JLA tale there. Made me care about the characters, had plenty of cool action, made me wonder about Amos Fortune's "luck" at escaping gunshots... :)
Made me wonder who the Key's boss is - Prometheus, maybe?
Mde me appreciate Doctor Light's dealing with Plastic Man, she's actually getting a little sheepish there when she thinks that she killed Fortune and Roulette...
All in all, excellent issue!
And a good wrap-up to the 12-issue Wednesday Comics as well!