Saturday, September 12, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 5 episodes 19 and 20

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 5...


A5-19: Time Bomb (written by Ben Edlund, airdate 4/28/04)

Despite Illyria saving Gunn from the W&H hell (nice thinking on how to get beyond that necklace bit), Angel still doesn't trust her. He wants her gone - dead. But she's suffering from something - time jumps - and that sort of puts a weird spin to this whole episode. Folks are dead - no, they're not. Confusing conversations and what not. But in the end, she is relieved of her incredible power and Angel realizes some good advice: serve no master by your ambition. Um, Angel - haven't we been driving this message home to you for a number of episodes? Since Cordelia gave you her final parting gift? Come on, a little slow on the uptake much?

A5-20: The Girl In Question (written by DeKnight and Goddard, airdate 5/5/04)

This one really plays out like an oddball comedy - with Spike and Angel in the roles of the buddies in Rome. It works, in part, due to the flashbacks (good to see Dru and Darla again, one final time) and the full on farce of the Italians. Love how the Rome W&H branch looks exactly like the LA offices. Very fun and funny - and the guys learn the valuable lesson from, of all people, Andrew: maybe its time to grow up and change. Meanwhile, Illyria incurs the ire of Wesley when she poses as Fred to fool the Burkles. Not a smart move, blue haired one.

Two down...two to go. I'm expecting some fireworks as right now it is like we've been treading water too long.

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