Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remembering Great Music

What do the Alarm, the Cult, Sparks and Big Country all have in common?

Okay, besides being bands who surfaced in the late 70's/early 80's and whose music does show up on Sirrius/XM's "First Wave" (the former "Fred"), they all have a majority of their music catalogs on

I've been an emusic member for over a year now and have gotten hundreds of downloads in that time. A lot of it, like for the bands above, is stuff you can't find on CD anywhere (outside of some greatest hits collections, if that). Sure, you might find some of this stuff to download on iTunes, but if I am looking at 99 cents per track versus something as low as 27 cents per track, which route would I go? Yeah, 27 cents looks a lot more enticing. And for that price, I can take a risk on some of the deeper cuts of the albums - just for completeness sake.

Other cool finds there of late: the first albums by the Waitresses and Flash & the Pan.

If you're a music downloader, you should go and check out emusic's catalog. You can do that without being a member of the site. If you find quite a bit of stuff you'd like, sign up.

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