Friday, January 23, 2009

Comics of the Week (1/21/09) part 1

Brave and the Bold #21 - part three of Hine's cosmic tale, and I am still not thrilled with it. I just don't get his writing of the Phantom Stranger at all, and his GL doesn't stand out very well either. Surprisingly, the scenes with Green Arrow seem to work well. Maybe cosmic isn't his genre. He gets the urban stuff a lot more. Of, and misleading cover - GL and GA don't team up in this issue at all. I think it was a marketing way to give this tale some variety. At least the arc ends next issue.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #11 (of 12) - I am so glad this one is almost over. I usually love Jurgens' writing but this has been a long, drawn out story that could probably have been done better and cleanly in eight issues.

Trinity #34 - the weekly runs hot and cold. Last week was cold. This week was much better. I know the writers have the luxury of fifty two issues but that doesn't mean things should drag. Each issue should have some good action, which this one does provide. This might be one that would read better later in a collected edition(s).

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