Friday, January 9, 2009

Comics of the Week (1/7/09)

Trinity #32 - another slower issue. Nice Batman cover by Jim Lee though.

Terror Titans #4 (of 6) - this book focus a lot on characters having issues with their parents, a different theme to be sure. We also get the DCU debut of Static, one of the Milestone characters from the 90's who also had a great run as a Saturday morning cartoon. Hopefully this will signal the addition of the character into the main Teen Titans line. That would be pretty cool. I always liked him.

Secret Six #5 - with a Deadshot "faces of evil" cover, the book focus on his viewpoint as well as that of Bane. And, boy, Bane is shown to be made of some pretty solid stuff. The beating he takes from Junior is brutal. And speaking of Junior, the final page is a shocker! (okay, not so much if you read enough messages boards - this was sort of guessed - still, Gail Simone knows how to bring up the creepy factor!)

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