Saturday, January 3, 2009

Comics of the Week (1/2/09) part 2

Justice League of America #28 - part two of the story arc with the Milestone characters, and McDuffie and Luis deliver a great battle royale. Even though the Shadow Cabinet our outmatched, they put up a valiant fight. Interesting too the interactions between Superman and Icon, given how much alike the two characters are in many ways. All in all, a solid issue.

Justice Society of America #22 - "One World, Under Gog" concludes as the Superman of Earth-22 (the Kingdom Come world) realizes what he must do. The art by Alex Ross once again enhances the Johns storyline and really helps to cap off this mega story arc.

Green Lantern #6 - part two of the "Rege of the Red Lanterns", and we learn quite a bit more about the nature of the Blue Lanterns, who put them together and what their ultimate goal is. All the pieces are starting to fill the board - between Sinestro's corps of fear, Atrocius' corp of rage, and the Star Sapphires as well. I think we're being set up for another emotional (no pun intended) rollercoaster ride by Johns and Reis - and I know they can deliver. I would like to see this book get back to a monthly schedule, if possible, because each issue makes me want to read more of the story.

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