Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comics of the Week (1/14/09) part 2

DC's January 2009 "theme event" is in full force this week, with various Faces of Evil covers and specials.

Faces of Evil: Solomon Grundy - this one shot by Johns and Kolins, the great team behind revitalizing so many Flash Rogues, work their magic on that muck monster from the golden age. This one-shot special recaps who Grundy is, how he came to be, and serves as a prelude to the mini-series starring Grundy that comes in a few months. It was a pretty good start and makes me want more.

Faces of Evil: Prometheus - this one-shot really tells the origin of the villain that once trounced the whole JLA (twice) in the 90's but who since appears to have become more of a joke. The book rectifies these differing portrayals, shows again why Prometheus was such a bad-ass villain and sets him up for an appearance in Justice League of America later in 2009.

Action Comics #873 - part 10 of the New Krypton storyline, and Luthor is the villain on the cover. Sadly, Luthor does little in the issue, so it is sort of false advertising. Ah well. All the event tie-ins can't work. The issue reads okay, but having missed some of the earlier chapters in books I don't buy or can't read in the library, I fell like I am constantly coming in on the middle of a program. Time to drop this title, especially with Johns leaving as writer.

Booster Gold #16 - a cool cover featuring the Enemy Ace heralds Booster's adventure in the World War I era. Our hero gets himself involved and breaks some typical time travel rules (first one: don't get involved!) and it leads to a twist of consequences in the end. This is part 2 of a 4 part tale, so of course Skeets and Goldstar still need to find Booster and help him return to his proper time.

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